“I see myself as a visual interpreter – the one who synthesizes the client’s verbal cues into the final artistic product.”

How did you get here ?
• Fell in love with graphic design in a 7th grade shop class.
• Graduated with honors in Language Studies and Art at UC Santa Cruz.
• Worked through college in high end restaurants and boutique retail.
• Moved to New York aspiring to be a translator at the UN.
• Spent five years as a fashion model living in NY, Europe and Australia.
• Moved back to California, received degree in Graphic Design from UCLA.
• LA Design is born.

How about some more details ?
The youngest of 14 children – yes, same parents, no, we weren’t Catholic,
Mormon or from a cult – I grew up in the sun kissed beachfront city of
Pacific Palisades. And while Southern California was idyllic I felt a strong desire to see the world, to learn other languages and see different cultures. I attended UC Santa Cruz, and earned my degree in Art and Language Studies (emphasis in French and Italian). After college I moved to New York, I wanted to become an interpreter for the United Nations. Then one day I just happened to meet Richard Avedon and he told me I should think about working as a model (and when Richard Avedon tells you that it’s hard not to listen). So I made a professional detour, and that detour took me first to Australia, then Paris, eventually all over the world. It was an incredible visually stimulating experience, as well as linguistically quite satisfying.

I thought you said you were a Graphic Designer ?
Okay, you want the whole story…
After five years immersed in the international fashion world I realized my language skills were nicely refined, but my artistic ambitions were not being satisfied. I wanted a career that combined my love of language with my love of art. My head was filled with imagery from my travels. I moved back to Los Angeles and enrolled in the Graphic Design program at UCLA. I graduated from the program and interned at Buzz Magazine and knew I was ready to strike out on my own. For the last 15 years I have been the principal and chief designer for LA Design and have extensive experience in projects large and small.

Why do you like being a Graphic Designer ?
I see graphic design as a dance between language and art, where ideas are the springboard that propel the two together into a unique and compelling result. I see myself as a “visual interpreter” now, the one who synthesizes the client’s verbal cues into the final artistic product, which is a ultimately a reflection of our dialogue along the way. It’s a great process.

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