“I had the pleasure of working with Lindsay Albert Design creating a website, corporate logo, menu layout, and virtually all the creative facets of our Wilshire Restaurant brand.  We spoke to Lindsay about our strategy, the image we wished to portray, and a workable budget.  She delivered beyond our wildest expectations.  We have received nothing but praise from our customers, and we feel she absolutely captured what we wanted to create.  She was always available, infinitely patient with our questions and changes, and guided us to a really great final product.  She was also able to bring in ancillary support (printers, technical web support, etc) that made the process feel seamless.  She is a first-rate, gifted, experienced, and cooperative designer that we would call upon again and again.”

“Lindsay Albert Design has revitalized the visual voice of Santa Monica College Foundation with a fresh perspective and a friendly approach. From developing new marketing pieces to designing individual campaigns, LAD’s work stands heads and tails above the rest. What’s most enjoyable is knowing that the company understands the need to be ready on a moment’s notice to execute a project. We are confident clients and are happy to share the value and expertise LAD brings to the brand.”
Lizzy Moore, President/Interim Santa Monica College Foundation

“For over 15 years I’ve had not only the good fortune of Lindsay Albert’s design skills but the pleasure of her calm and steady personality guiding me through my often tumultuous decision making processes. Through out all the trials and tribulations of opening and operating a chain of organic vegan restaurants, Lindsay’s graphic and brand directions have always come through to communicate the energy of Real Food Daily”
Ann Gentry, Founder/Executive Chef of Real Food Daily

“I am so grateful that I chose Lindsay Albert to create my logo and design my website. She took the time to understand both the physical and vibrational aspects of my business and did a great job of infusing that energy into the designs she created for me. Lindsay is wonderful to work with – she really listened to me and her creations were spot on. The entire process was pleasant and inspiring and I look forward to working with Lindsay again soon.”
Janna Fragen, Owner, White Lotus Gyrotonic

“We have worked with Lindsay Albert Design on many occasions with great success. We wanted to turn up the Cool Factor for our industrial metal forming equipment and she made it happen. The challenge was, how do you have a cool look and at the same time get across a very technical message ? The answer: Lindsay. She dug in, got to know us, our products and our client profile and has created numerous brochures, advertisements and web sites that all complement each other. Great work and many thanks Lindsay.”
Mark Sutherland, Owner, Sutherland Presses

“Working with Lindsay is always a fulfilling process that most importantly results in great design. No matter what the project, from designing my business cards to creating a brand image for my company’s productions, she is steadfast and fresh in her approach. She is a conscientious listener, picking up on the nuances of ideas that she adeptly translates into effective image and word. Lindsay understands the underlying power of composition and color and the lasting impression they have on people. For over 10 years I have come to her to design promotional flyers, postcards, posters, programs, brochures, and the websites for my company and its various dance and film projects. Whatever the challenge is in presenting my work to the public, I am assured with Lindsay as my designer.”
Morleigh Steinberg, Artist Director, Choreographer of ARCANE Collective

“Lindsay has great understanding of not only your needs but of your audience. She respects your schedule, budget and delivers the products that resonate your company at its best to the masses.”
Allie Ko, Owner, Ko Project Consulting

“I am in the process of working with Lindsay developing a marketing package, including branding, for my new Landscape Architectural office. I am so happy with my new logo. She has created a wonderful branding centerpiece that has made it so easy for me to get my name ‘out there’ in large part because I am so delighted to hand out my new cards. Lindsay is so creative, and a great collaborator. Throughout our process I have never felt she is forcing HER designs onto me. She has listened and responded to all my feedback, altering the design as required. She has been so respectful of my budget, continually suggesting methods to keep costs where I can handle them. Her skills, vision, and insight have been invaluable. I look forward to continuing our working relationship as I build my company and next have her design my website.”
Molly Maguire, Owner Molly Maguire Landscape Architecture

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